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Hay gaiz

Of the 2-3 people that occasionally read this journal - do any of you use a scanner model/make that you would recommend?  I know I don't want an HP, but beyond that I have no idea where to start  : \


Mission Statement

1. Get scanner.

2. Make a list of anime/manga/fandoms/characters/pairings I don't really give a crap about to make art of that I can maybe actually sell.

3. Make art.

(Totally unrelated, but wtf lj? XD

From the Writer's Block: Post some pictures of outhouses or bathrooms that have given you a lasting impression, and talk about what the restroom means to you.)

Manga? Manga.

     Oh Bleach.  You are being so awesome and interesting now, PLEASE don't fuck it up with some fifty chapter epic Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra battle.  Even though I know that's exactly what you are going to do.  And poor Orihime will stand by with her hands clasped, relegated to the same sidelines damsel in distress role that Rukia got shoved into during the Soul Society Arc.  And it will be so so very disappointing.  Like a ruined orgasm.  Especially since I FUCKING LOVE Ulquiorra, yes I cannot help it, and he is finally finally back.  I would love to pretend that this big withholding of his presence has been for him to turn out to be an interesting character, but I suspect Kubo Tite is just setting him up to be the big Final Boss for Ichigo.  Which means that Ichigo is going to have to pull some really awesome level up out of his ASS, which is going to really annoy the hell out of me.  I mean don't get me wrong, I like the kid and all, but I don't much like the way he's being written lately.  It's like there's this unwritten rule somewhere where Ichigo Is the Only One Allowed to Kick Ass Anymore.  Which almost sort of makes the other characters - characters we've all come to love, admire, and respect - kind of superfluous.  Not cool, Kubo Tite.  But.  We all know I'm still going to read the damn manga to find out what happens.
 For now I can still bask in the relative awesomeness of some of the other fights.
     I'm still quite surprised by how much I liked the Mayuri vs. Grantz fight.  Mayuri still creeps the hell out of me and DEAR GOD POOR NEMU, but the way he handled Szayel was just...elegantly kick-ass.  And also...that scene where Mayuri was getting out of the shower way back in SS arc?  Whyyy did they have to make him kind of hot? D :   Argh.
     And holy shit, I did not expect Noitora to get as so totally raped by Zaraki as he did!  I mean yes, it's Zaraki, and we all know he tops everything eventually, but d00d!  He pwnd Noitora's ass like a little bitch!  I'm still not sure if I found that cool or slightly disappointing.  Was especially disappointed by what appears to have been his death.  I realize he was a raging fuck and all, but I felt like there was supposed to me more to him than what we saw and that was kind of aborted.  Here's hoping the rest of the remaining Espada don't go the same way.


     I don't think anybody actually reads this anymore, but time for an update! For no other real reason than that I like to hear myself talk. : B   I just came in from poking around in the backyard garden.  I find more and more that I'm feeling like that "Everyone's Had More Sex Than Me" video with all the bunnies and I'm even lower than the #1 bunny.  I mention this because I've been waking up weirdly early lately and wandering around out in the yard, and it's just that time of year that whenever you're outside without a blindfold you're likely to wind up seeing something having sex. This morning it was stinkbugs and snails.  The snails were having some weird mating ritual/dance on a leaf down by my feet, but god hates a pervert, or at least the Sprinkler God does because about the time I leaned down to look, the sprinklers turned on on me and I had to flee back to the porch.

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m0r ph41L

And another mention on the Theatre of the Absurd that is my usual day-to-day: after getting lost for thirty minutes trying to find Trader Joe's earlier today, I ended up finally finding it right next to a Petsmart.  I went in to the PS to look at kitties since Petland was already closed when I went by there the other day and it turns out that Petsmart is the one Joey works at.  I think I startled the hell out of her by popping over to say hello, although this was only after about half an hour spent lurking around behind a bookshelf, feeling like a tool.  I eventually decided to say hi just because it seemed kind of retarded not to.  So Joey if you read this, just so you know, I wasn't actually intentionally stalking you.  As unlikely as that probably sounds -_-   Aaanyway, I bought some stuff at TJ's, including some cookie dough that I burned about half of at the Carlile's because their oven is apparently hotter than the fiery pits of hell, wtf?  Carlile family was very nice about it and claimed the cookies were not badly burned despite their black and crispy edges.  I kind of fail today.

a winner is so definitely not me

How do I do these things?  I mean, really?  I appear to have this mental defect when it comes to setting things on top of my car so I can get my keys out to unlock the door.  I have lost my debit card and driver's license this way at least two times before, and tonight makes three plus a cell phone.  What in god's name is the matter with me?  I was supposed to go back home tomorrow too, so now I feel like an extra large jerk since this is probably going to mean more time imposing on the Dowses.  I just spent an hour walking around with a flashlight and a borrowed cell phone to try to call my phone, but nothing worked.  All I can do is go back to where I think they might be when there's more daylight to see by.  I really can't help but get really frustrated with myself when I keep doing stupid things like this.  Just.  Really really frustrated and feeling like a royal dumb-shit right now.
SO.  There are certain people that I would REALLY REALLY kind of like to punch in the throat right now, as hard as possible.  Possibly more than once.  But.  I am in Marietta right now, so I will live.  Ooh-rah.

Okay, so my being in May-rettah is not news anymore as I've been here for about a week and a half now, but dammitall if I'm not still excited about it.  So far, I've only managed to get really lost one time, go me.  Eh-heh, I love it how whenever I do get myself lost and wind up having to call someone to help me get back unlost, the first thing they always ask me is "Where are you?"  Now.  I am not much of a Simpsons watcher, but I know enough of them to have heard a lot of quotes in my time.  And the answer to that question is and always will be: somewhere where I don't know where I am.  Seriously.  That is ALWAYS THE ANSWER.  If I knew where I was I would obviously not be abusing your phone minutes, now would I? XD;;  Seriously though, I really am not trying to be purposely dumb when people keep having to explain directions to me; I just genuinely have a hard time remembering and understanding that shit.  It honestly baffles me that most other people don't seem to have much of a problem, no joke.  Like today and yesterday I meant to go look at apartment complexes just to see what's out there, but I realized that I can't because I don't know how to get to any of them.  I can read the directions, but they just don't want to make much sense to my brain.  Like when people say things like "So, you know I-75?"  The first thing I think is,"Er, yes I know I-75 in that I am aware that it is a great big long snakey thing that goes all over this state and possibly all over the country (mainly because I have had a lot of people ask me things like "So, you know I-75?") which part of it where you referring to specifically?"  <-- and that, sadly, is just not the answer most people are looking for ^_^;;  I draw so I feel like I should have a better grasp of how maps and spatial crap work together, but it just never seems to click with me unless I've driven to a place before.  Drawing is fun, maps are work >_>

On the drawing front, nothing has been getting done, but it's not because I've stopped wanting to get things done.  I'm taking that as a good sign since usually by this late stage in a brainstorming process, if I haven't started work on a project it's too late because I've lost the bulk of my momentum.  Right now it's just because I left all my good art supplies at home.  My goooooddddd there are soooooo many craft stores around here.  Dammit craft stores, stop tempting me with your siren call!  Especially when you know I can't use a sewing machine!  Every time I pass fabric now I want to make things out of it, but my hand sewing just can't hold a candle to the neatness of even a crappy sewing machine.  I have got to find somewhere to take lessons when I can afford it, absolutely gotta.  For now I'll just go and collapse on the couch downstairs and think about making pretty things before I pass out sitting at this damn keyboard.
I have this terrible desire to make stationary.  Whyyyy do I have no Photoshop?  And I can't get my scanner to work because my mother fucking threw away the damn software for it, naturally.  Poor old thing's about ten years old, I'm frankly kind of amazed it still works.  I've had it for so long I think I would actually feel bad if I got a new one.  Which tells me I really need to stop with the personification of inanimate objects >_>;   And I do need a scanner and a ton of other things.  I may try to find a really old version of Photoshop and see if this computer can't handle that.  It's got the RAM, I think it's just the old processor that's the problem.  I need to find out/decide what kind of paper would be best, too.  O craft stores, how I love you *__*
Um.  I'm also going to use this entry to talk about Easter candy.  For no real reason other than the fact that I am sad and emo about missing out on my yearly Cadbury cream egg splurge.  I meant to go out the Monday after Easter and take advantage of the sales, but I wound up feeling too shitty for the next few days, so all the good stuff was gone by the time I got out.  *emo tear*  Oh Cadbury cream eggs.  I long for you in all your cheap, horrible, foil-wrapped, tooth-aching glory.  Why must you be available only once a year?  You and your Peep compatriots.  I don't even really like Peeps, but now I want some if only so I can stick toothpicks in them, pop them in the microwave, and have a Peep war.  Because I'm just that kind of loser.  It also occurs to me that I am probably one of maybe five people the entire world over that automatically associates Peeps with acid baptisms and Farfarello from Weiss Kreuz.

Also totally unrelated to anthing else in this post, but: I would really hate to be an Olympic torch runner right now.

Start singing the badger song

    Ahaha, we have water moccasins in the backyard!  I now have inarguable reason for keeping the cats inside and yelling at the neighbor kids : D  I honestly don't even know why you'd want to be out in our yard anyway; the mosquitoes are literally everywhere.  They're the size of fucking Buicks and they'll bite you right through your damn clothes.  If we have to have bugs everywhere, why can't they be nice, interesting bugs like praying mantises or something?  Why does it have to be all the pestilence of the earth?  I want ladybugs.  Ladybugs never fail to make my day just a little bit brighter.  Maybe I can talk my mom into ordering some for the garden : )